T.A.C.T was formed by Matt Lovasz.  A former police officer with decades of experience in the field.  Matt Lovasz was a former Master Franchise owner and Master Trainer in the industry.
Matt started T.A.C.T by using what he learned and improved in the areas where he saw a need.

Practice Area

Our main priority is responding promptly and helping you return your home or business to a safe environment. 

At T.A.C.T we use our decades of experience and a sensitivity when we are dealing with these extremely difficult issues.  We will provide emergency professional services after traumatic events such as, suicides, unattended deaths, contagious disease contamination’s (COVID-19), injuries, and other biohazard situations.

T.A.C.T also specialized in hoarding remediation.  We are experts in hoarding remediation and our founder, Matt Lovasz was featured on several episodes of the tv series Hoarders.


T.A.C.T and Law Enforcement

Our Founder, Matt Lovasz is a former veteran police officer with over a decade of experience.  T.A.C.T is and has always been supporters of law enforcement.  Many of our franchise’s are former police officers. Law enforcement refers us more than any other company and rely’s on us when they need a jail cell, police vehicle, or police station decontaminated.