Hoarding Cleanup

Whether you’re in a hoarding situation or a loved one of yours is, T.A.C.T. is here and ready to help you. Years of clutter accumulation can turn into an overwhelming, or even a dangerous, situation. We understand that you may be feeling embarrassment or shame, but there is no reason to feel that way. We are trained professionals who have worked with many hoarding situations.  

T.A.C.T. will handle your situation with compassion, discretion and efficiency in a professional manner. We understand that the clutter contains items that are personal and full of memories, and that it won’t be easy to let it go. Rest assured that when we help you clear the clutter, you’re in the best hands and you’ve made the right call. 

What Is “Hoarding Disorder”?

Hoarding is the excessive accumulation of items, valuable or not valuable, and a persistent difficulty on the part of the person with the disorder discarding or parting with the possessions because of a perceived need to save them.

Hoarding disorder can cause stress, financial hardships, legal troubles and health risks to both the person with the disorder, and also to those who may try to help them.

If you think you may be dealing with a hoarding situation, it is extremely important to call in the professionals at T.A.C.T. There are serious risks involved in cleaning up these types of situations. 

Our Promise To You

You can count on T.A.C.T. to help you or your loved one to get their life back on track in a cleaner, safer environment.  These are our promises to you: 

  • We are reliable, careful, considerate and courteous 
  • We are specially trained for helping people who are considered hoarders
  • You or Your loved one will be treated with respect and dignity

Hoarding Cleanup/Condemnation Notices

We are experienced in working with city and county officials for mandatory clean out notices and are well versed in what has to be done in order for you or your loved one to remain in the home. If you’re in a crisis situation and are facing eviction or the condemnation of your property, don’t panic!  T.A.C.T. can help return the property to a safe and clean environment in an efficient and compassionate manner. 

List of Services 

  • Basement/Cellar Cleanout
  • Attic Cleanout
  • Crawl Space Cleanout
  • Household Junk Removal 
  • Level 1-5 Hoarding Cleanup
  • Office Cleanout
  • Rodent Droppings Removal
  • Pet Waste Removal
  • Storage Unit Cleanout
  • Garage Cleanout
  • Extreme and Gross Filth Cleaning
  • Routine/Recurring Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Commercial Building Cleaning
  • Odor Removal
  • Garbage Removal

If you or a loved one is in a hoarding situation, call the professionals at T.A.C.T. right away. We will work quickly to help get you back on the right path with empathy and compassion. We work with all major insurance companies and will advocate on your behalf, if needed.

The 5 levels of Hoarding 
as defined by the ICD® Clutter-Hoarding Scale®

Level 1:  Household is generally in order, all doorways and windows are accessible, clutter is minimal but there is some evidence of rodents inside the property. 
Level 2: One exit is completely blocked, one major appliance or heating/cooling/ventilation device has not worked for at least six months. Some pet odor, pet waste, noticeable pet dander, three or more incidents of feces in litter boxes. Limited care is given to pets and there is evidence of common household rodents/insects. Clutter inhabits two or more rooms. Functions for living room and bedrooms are not clear.  Narrowing pathways form throughout the home. Limited evidence of housekeeping, light unpleasant odors, overflowing garbage cans, light to medium mildew in kitchens and bathrooms, and moderately soiled food preparation surfaces.
Level 3:  Clutter is now accumulating outside with items normally stored indoors, such as tv’s and sofas. Two or more broken appliances, inappropriate/excessive use of electrical cords and light structural damage in one portion of the house has occurred in the past six months. Pets exceed local limits, excluding well-cared-for new kitten and puppy litters. Stagnant fish tanks, neglected reptile aquarium and/or bird droppings not cleaned. Audible rodent evidence, light flea infestation and a medium amount of spider webs. Indoor clutter leads to narrow hall and stair pathways, one bedroom or bathroom isn't fully usable and a small amount of obviously hazardous substances or spills. Excessive dust, dirty bed linens and no recent vacuuming or sweeping. Heavily soiled food preparation areas and full or odorous garbage cans. Dirty laundry exceeds three full hampers per bedroom. Strong unpleasant odors throughout the house.
Level 4:  Structural damage older than six months, mold and mildew, inappropriate use of appliances, damage to two or more sections of wall board, faulty weather protection, hazardous electrical wiring and odor or evidence of sewer backup. Pets exceed local limits by four animals, more than three instances of aged animal waste, pet dander on all furniture, pet damage in home, excessive webs and spiders, bats and raccoons in attic and flea infestation. Bedrooms are unusable, hazardous materials are stored in the home, and flammable, packed materials are in the living area or attached garage. Rotting food on counters, no clean dishes or utensils in the kitchen. No bed covers, lice or bed bugs on bedding.

Level 5: 
Obvious structural damage, broken walls, disconnected electrical service, no water service, no working sewer or septic system. Standing water indoors, fire hazards and hazardous materials exceed local ordinances. Pets are dangerous to occupant and guests. Rodents in sight, mosquito or other insect infestation and regional critters, such as squirrels, inside the home. Kitchen and bathroom unusable due to clutter. Occupant is living or sleeping outside the home. Human feces, rotting food and more than 15 aged canned goods with buckled surfaces inside the home. 


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